Superhub ECHO

Superhub ECHO


CEDIA, is an ECHO super center (HUB) authorized since 2022, to provide training and support to academic, health or other institutions interested in developing an ECHO center in Ecuador or any country in Latin America.

ECHO Program

ECHO is a tele-tutoring program designed to create communities of professionals, experts and specialists in different health topics through regular real-time collaborative sessions. The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mentoring, help health professionals gain experience and new approaches to applying their knowledge in diverse cultural and geographic contexts.

ECHO HUBs are institutions, organizations or groups that create these communities in order to conduct the sessions with the use of technology, based on a knowledge-sharing model that brings together specialists from multiple areas to create a robust and comprehensive approach.

4 ECHO model principles

Use technology to leverage scarce resources

Share "best practices" to reduce disparities

Apply case-based learning to overcome challenges

Evaluate and measure results